The photo series I am presenting today explores the theme of difference and acceptance of others as they are. During my work on this project, I had the privilege of meeting an extraordinary family who had adopted a little girl from Africa.

In these photos, you will discover the deep emotion and love that these adoptive parents have for their daughter, as well as the reciprocity of that love. You will see a loving and united family, celebrating diversity and the enrichment that every individual, regardless of their origin or appearance, can bring.

Beyond the story of this family, this photo series is a reflection on tolerance and open-mindedness. It shows that embracing differences can lead to deep and meaningful human relationships, where individuals enrich each other and grow together.

I am confident that these photos will touch your heart and inspire you to embrace difference in your own life.

Some photos, among others, had been exposed at the exhibition “Differences” at the gallery of the Mousseau – Elancourt (2015)
Pictures of the Photo Club “L’image En Boîte”

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