Light Side

Eddy M****

Eddy M****

Hello everyone, my name is Roy Medden (or Eddy M****) and I am an amateur photographer.

I would like to share with you my approach to photography and how I see the world through my lens.

First, I want to emphasize that I am not a professional photographer, but rather, an observer of the world. I enjoy capturing instant moments that reflect my perspective of the world, the people and the environment around me. I do this through my passion for photography.

When I take pictures, I like to create a dark ambiance that reflects the reality of life. Not everything in life is nice or pleasant, and I believe that capturing these darker moments can be just as powerful as capturing the happy ones. My goal is not to create a false sense of reality, but rather to show the beauty in the raw, unfiltered moments.

I also love to go on adventures without any destination in mind. I let my intuition guide me and see where destiny will drive me. It is in these moments where I find the most unexpected and meaningful photographs.

I believe that the beauty in photography lies in the uniqueness of each moment captured. Whether it is in the darkness or in the light, in happy or sad moments, there is always something worth capturing.

Dark Side

Roy Medden

For my photography, I use a full-frame camera for portraits, landscapes, and night shots, as it offers excellent image quality and low-light performance.

For sports and nature photography, I use an APS-C camera with a telephoto lens to capture distant subjects.

Finally, I use a drone to capture unique aerial perspectives for landscape and architectural photography.

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